Welcome to the era of intelligent horticulture!

Discover the CS1 smart planter; your new ally for your sprouts.

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Comment ça marche?

  • Charge it 1. Chargez-le
  • Pair it 2. Connect
  • 3. Add substrate
  • 4. Add water
  • Enjoy 5. Enjoy

The founders

The HerbiaEra CS1

HerbiaEra offers an innovative planter for producing fresh, healthy, clean food at home with minimal waste. The plants are produced at home from an all-inclusive formula, which is not messy and requires almost no effort from the users.

When nature, technology and design meet

The planters, made of wood and recycled plastic, last an average of one month and can be used to grow herbs, sprouts, flowers and baby vegetables. They can also be used to start plants in order to transplant them to the garden in the summer.

Our Mission Statement

HerbiaEra 's mission is to promote innovation and sustainable development in order to reduce the ecological footprint of agriculture and encourage the adoption of healthy eating habits.

Perfect for getting the green thumb, normally I can't keep my plants alive!


I have so much fun growing my own food at home!


Not having to deal with water saves me time! I can finally go away without worrying!