HerbiaEra's mission is to reconnect people with horticulture by bringing science to the service of healthy and local food. Thanks to our innovations, we make HomeFarming accessible to everyone in order to reduce the ecological footprint of agricultural supply, encourage the adoption of healthy eating habits and beautify your homes!


By changing our food sourcing habits and adding life to our environments, collectively we can have a real impact on the environment. Let's promote Home Farming!

Our values

  • Collaboration

    Collaborate to go beyond our knowledge and push our limits

  • Sustainable development

    By taking concrete actions, we can have an impact

  • Innovation

    We must innovate to adapt to new contexts

  • Sharing knowledge

    Sharing accelerates evolution and innovation

  • Simplicity

    A complex system for a simple and pleasant final use

Our history

Following their final year project in electromechanical systems engineering, Alexandre and Anthony co-founded HerbiaEra so that the lack of horticultural knowledge would no longer be a barrier to home growing.

To date, HerbiaEra's products are the result of more than 3 years of research and development with technology transfer centers and many specialists in different fields.

These years have led to the development of a turnkey pre-fertilized substrate with specific physicochemical properties for use in passive hydroponics, as well as smart garden and a mobile app.

Our impact

We can no longer import food, store it, over-wrap it in single-use plastic and waste more than half of it when some of it can grow in most homes. This wasteful method of food procurement is no longer appropriate for our times.

By opting for our innovations and Home Farming , the intervening time between the harvest and the plate is reduced to a minimum. This reduces the loss of food handling as well as the CO2 emissions caused by transport and storage companies.

By making it easy for you to grow food in your own home, we give you the chance to know where your food comes from and to always eat fresh! In short, our goal is to have non-GMO and pesticide-free food at your fingertips, without having to waste anything!

Finally, know that for every HerbiaEra CS1 sold, we plant a tree!

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