How does it work?

We have developed a turnkey substrate that is pre-fertilized and pre-seeded for use in passive hydroponics. In other words, no need to choose which nutrients to use and which seeds to choose for indoor growing, because our substrate contains everything!

This dry and non-friable soil substitute has the ability to self-regulate water, oxygen and nutrients without the need of pumps or motors. Thanks to the capillary phenomenon, the system is robust and requires practically no maintenance.

To get the most out of the HerbiaEra CS1, you simply plug it into a wall socket and then connect the mobile application to the smart garden. Finally, add the substrate of our choice, put water and enjoy!

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Step 1: Charge it

The HerbiaEra CS1 comes with a connector joining the garden to a wall outlet. Simply plug the block into the wall and the other end of the wire into the USB-C port and the HerbiaEra CS1 is powered!

Please note that it is possible to unplug it when it is charged in case you want to move it during periods of strong natural light!

Step 2: Connect it

Thanks to internet of things technologies, it is possible to connect the smart garden with your mobile device. Simply download the mobile app on your device and follow the steps.

The app will alert you, guide you and advise you throughout your adventure in addition to allowing you to control the ambient light behind the garden. Moreover, with the app, you will be able to manage all the plants in your house by setting notes and alerts!

Step 3: Add the substrate

The substrate already contains the seeds and nutrients, so just put it in the receptacle and let the magic happen. In order to guarantee a perfect irrigation, please make sure that the felts penetrate the substrate.

Moreover, in order to optimize the greenhouse effect, we advise you to put the small transparent dome during the germination.

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Step 4: Add water

With our method of cultivation, you don't have to put water on top as usual. Simply move or lift the cover and put water in the pot.

A light on the smart garden and a notification on your mobile device will alert you when it's time to put water back in.

Note that in order to ensure the product's longevity, you should not put water on the cover.

Step 5: Enjoy

In addition to beautifying your decor and adding a touch of nature, you can admire the growth and evolution of your plants. To ensure this growth, it is important to put the HerbiaEra CS1 under a light source.

After a few months, you will be able to admire beautiful flowers or even taste fresh food that you will be proud to have made, reducing your ecological footprint!

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