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" Alexandre Boucher Doddridge and Anthony Bisson, two young entrepreneurs trained in electro-mechanical systems engineering, created HerbiaEra CSI with the goal of providing a way to grow vegetables and herbs at home, without the need for a green thumb. "

— Isabelle Massé Read full article

" It's a concept that puts technology at the service of healthy eating so you can garden not only in the summer, but all year round! "

— Nathalie Clark See full interview

" Two young people with a passion for agriculture and a degree in electromechanical systems engineering are launching HerbiaEra, which grew out of their final year project. The Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly-based company wants to commercialize a "smart" garden, the HerbiaEra CS1, to promote the production of mini-vegetables and aromatic herbs at home. "

— Raphaëlle Plante Read full article

" The HerbiaEra CSI works through passive hydroponics which means that a quantity of water is delivered by capillary to the substrate which includes the fertilizers and seeds needed for the desired crop. Thanks to its water level alert system, the user is notified on his phone that he needs to fill the tank via the HerbiaEra mobile app. "

— Kelly-Ann Neely Read full article

" With a shared passion for agriculture and fresh produce, the business partners realized that over the years, supply methods had not kept pace with technological advances. In the current context, by betting on a certain self-sufficiency in food, some would say that they were visionaries. "

— Johanne Martin Read full article

"This Quebec-designed smart garden box will change the way you grow your plants!"

" The two entrepreneurs are looking at connected objects to make it even easier to grow mini vegetables and herbs at home "

— Larry Hodgson Read full article

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